Yet another logging package that provides a simple API on top of winston.

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  import activescottDiagWinston from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@activescott/diag-winston';



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Yet another logging package. The only thing this package really is doing is defining a consistent API for diagnostic logging.


This package implements the interface defined in the activescott/diag package.

Recommended way to use is to put a single file in your project like services.ts and export createLogger from there:

export { createLogger } from "@activescott/diag-winston"

This way you can import a single createLogger function throughout your project and easily replace it later with a different implementation if you so choose.

Local Testing

You can also test your shareable config on your computer before publishing by linking your module globally. Type:

npm run -s test

Then, in your project that wants to use your shareable config, type:

yarn link @activescott/diag-winston