@angular/common, @angular/core and @angular/forms 5 or higher; >- rxjs 5Angular 6 or higher.

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import actjsOnNg4ValidationsNote from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actjs.on/ng4-validations-note';




  • @angular/common, @angular/core and @angular/forms 5 or higher;
  • rxjs 5Angular 6 or higher.


$ npm i @actjs.on/ng4-validations-note --save


Include the module into imports metadata key of NgModule decorator of your application importing Ng4ValidationsNoteModule from @actjs.on/ng4-validations-note, like that.

import { Ng4ValidationsNoteModule } from '@actjs.on/ng4-validations-note';

    imports: [
export class MyModule() { }

Choose which component you want to use

  • lib-form-validation;
  • lib-form-uniq-validation-list;
  • lib-form-uniq-validation-list.

To use anyone you must define the messages property binding, like that

        required: 'this field is required.'

To use lib-form-uniq-validation or lib-form-validation-list you must define the nameTranslations property binding and define a variable to bind a property by @ViewChild('') of NgForValidationsNote.Components.ListComponent or NgForValidationsNote.Components.UniqComponent kind.

        name: 'Name',
        name2: 'Name 2'

To in your component you should to call the validate(form: FormGroup | NgForm) of NgForValidationsNote.Components.ListComponent or NgForValidationsNote.Components.UniqComponent.

To use lib-form-validation you must define the control property binding.

<!-- on Reactive Forms -->
<!-- on Template Driven -->
    <input name="aName"/>

So inject the Ng4ValidationsNote.Services.Notifier service on your component importing Ng4ValidationsNote from @actjs.on/ng4-validations-note and call the notify() method when you want to show the validation message in your application. If you want to use app-form-uniq-validation or app-form-validation-list, you must pass a NgForm of FormGroup instance as argument to work.