Actorize helps building scalable js apps with a messaging system

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  import actorizeCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actorize/core';



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Getting Started

$ npm install @actorize/core
# or
$ yarn add @actorize/core
import {
} from '@actorize/core';

const director = createDirector({
  store: createStore(),

const actorOne = director.registerActor('one');
actorOne.onMessage((msgs) => {
  if (msgs[0].payload === 'DO_SOMETHING') {
    console.log('I DID SOMETHING');

const actorTwo = director.registerActor('two');
actorTwo.sendMessage('one', 'DO_SOMETHING');

Plugin System

the most basic plugin is the logging plugin. This can be helpful to see when what actor send what.

import { createDirector, createStore, createLogPlugin } from '@actorize/core'

 // logs into 'debug' with "[ACTORIZE] ({{sender}}) => ({{recipient}}), {{payload}}"
const logPlugin = createLogPlugin()

// you have the option to filter too.
// this would only log messages from the actor named "ui"
// createLogPlugin({ filter: (msg) => msg.sender === 'ui'  })

const director = createDirector({
  store: createStore(),
  plugins: [logPlugin]

A plugin in general can be used to transform messages before they are saved to the store too. At the moment it just as options for onMessage which gets a Message and has to return a Message. The Typescript interface for the Plugin is

interface ActorizePlugin {
  onMessage?: (msg: Message) => Message,