ACG Core UI Library

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import actovosConsultingGroupUiCore from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actovos-consulting-group/ui-core';


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ACG core UI library. Built with love from our ACG Engineering team. Used to bootstrap most applications we build.

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npm i @actovos-consulting-group/ui-core


This library requires styled-components. This library is built on top of styled-system.

Wrap your application with the included Provider.

In order to override the theme include a theme.js or theme.ts in your project. There is both a light theme and dark theme out of the box. Pass isDarkMode to use Dark mode out of the box.

import MyTheme from './theme.js';

<Provider isDarkMode theme={MyTheme}>


  • Build ui-core npm run build
  • Watch ui-core npm run build -- --watch - This should automatically cause your consumer project to rebuild on changes.
  • Link ui-core npm link in ui-core root
  • Link ui-core to consumer project with npm link @actovos-consulting-group/ui-core


Checkout our Storybook which houses component documentation and a live playground to explore.