Angular Pipe that log values into console

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import actualwaveLogPipe from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actualwave/log-pipe';



This is simply a pipe that logs any received value into console. Check sandbox with an example on how to use the pipe.


npm install @actualwave/log-pipe

Can be imported with module

import { LogPipeModule } from '@actualwave/log-pipe';

  imports: [


Add log pipe to your interpolation

<span>{{ myValue | log }}</span>

Your value will be rendered as is and logged into console. This pipe also supports any amount of arguments, they will be logged with the value.

<span>{{ myValue | log : 'One' : 'Two' }}</span>

Will output to console

One Two Contents of myValue

By default, it sends log messages to console.log(), but this can be changed using CONSOLE injection token.

import { LogPipeModule, CONSOLE } from "@actualwave/log-pipe";

  imports: [LogPipeModule],
  providers: [
      provide: CONSOLE,
      useValue: {
        log: (...args: any[]) => sendLogAnywhere(...args)
export class AppModule {

This package also includes logAsync and logThrough pipes that work with Observables. The difference is logThrough does not subscribe to observable.