Tree Walker adapter for Objects with children:Object[] property for child nodes

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  import actualwaveWalkerChildrenAdapter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actualwave/walker-children-adapter';


Object Adapter for TreeWalker

Adapter for Object tree that uses children property for child nodes. Each node of source structure must have name:String and children:Node[] properties.

interface Node {
  name: string;
  children: Node[];

Source example:

const sourceTree = {
  name: 'root',
  children: [
    { name: 'branch', children: [] },
      name: 'branch',
      children: [
        { name: 'leaf', children: [] },
    { name: 'branch', children: [] },

How to use

Library exports adapter factory function createAdapter() that accepts two optional arguments:

  • getNodeName:Function -- Getter function to retrieve node name, default getter returns node.name property.
  • getNodeChildren:Function -- Getter function to retrieve list of node children, default getter returns node.children property. You can pass your own getters:
import { create, setDefaultAdapter } from '@actualwave/tree-walker';
import createAdapter from '@actualwave/walker-children-adapter';

const adapter = createAdapter(
  (node) => node.label, // name getter
  (node) => node.list, // children getter


This adapter is created to be used with Tree Walker library, check its documentation on how to specify adapter. This adapter was used in Tree Walker Demo.