Use the Actyx Pond framework fully integrated with React

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import actyxContribReactPond from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@actyx-contrib/react-pond';



Use the Actyx Pond framework fully integrated into React. Expand your toolchain with <Pond>, useFish, and usePond to speed up your UI projects and write distributed apps in a couple of hours.

📦 Installation

React-Pond is available as a npm package.

npm install @actyx-contrib/react-pond

📖 Documentation and detailed examples

You can access the full API documentation and related examples by visiting: https://actyx-contrib.github.io/react-pond

You will find detailed examples here. They can be executed running e.g. `npm run example:chatRoom'.

🤓 Quick start

🌊 <Pond>...</Pond>

Wrap your application with the <Pond> to use you fish everywhere in the code.


    <AmazingDistributedApp />

🐟 useFish and useFishFn

Write your distributed logic with the well-known fish and get the state as easy as possible.

  • useFish(fish): Hydrate one explicit fish without a factory
  • useFishFn(fishFactory, properties): Use a factory function to hydrate fish with properties

📖 Example

const MaterialRequest = ({ id }: Props) => {
  const allOpenMatReq = useFish(MatRequest.allOpen)
  const matReq = useFishFn(MatRequest.of, id)

  return (
      <div>Open Material Requests: {allOpenMatReq.ids.length}</div>
        Material Request ({id}): {matReq.state.status}
        onClick={() =>
          matReq.run((_state, enqueue) => enqueue(Tag('material').withId(id), EventType.Done))

🎏 useRegistryFish

Map your registry fish to the entities and create tables, lists, complex autocomplete fields, ...

📖 Example

const MaterialRequests = () => {
  const allOpenMatReq = useRegistryFish(MatRequest.allOpen, reg => reg.ids, MatRequestFish.of)

  const done = (matReq: ReactFish<State, Events, string>) => {
    matReq.run((_state, enqueue) => enqueue(Tag('material').withId(matReq.props), EventType.Done))

  return (
      <div>Open Material Requests: {allOpenMatReq.length}</div>
      {allOpenMatReq.map(matReq => (
        <div key={matReq.props}>
            {matReq.props}: {matReq.state.status}
          <button onClick={() => done(matReq)}>Done</button>

🌊 usePond

The pond is not hidden from you. Use it as usual with const pond = usePond().

📖 Example

const Example = () => {
  const pond = usePond()
  const [nodeConnectivity, setNodeConnectivity] = React.useState<ConnectivityStatus>()
  React.useEffect(() => {
    pond.getNodeConnectivity({ callback: setNodeConnectivity })
  }, [])

  return <div>