Want to keep track of and work with all fish of a specific type? Meet the RegistryFish pattern.

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Registry toolkit

Want to keep track of and work with all fish of a specific type? Meet the RegistryFish pattern.

scalable, reuseable, composable, and maintainable

One thing that has come up quite a few times is the need to track all fish of a certain kind in someplace. You may have a fish representing a specific entity on your shop-floor. There are going to be many instances of this fish, one for each entity. Now, what if you wanted to show a list of all these entities somewhere?

The registry pattern will lead you to a data model that is scalable, reuseable, composable, and maintainable.

Read the blog post about registry fish at developer.actyx.com/blog

📦 Installation

Registry toolkit is available as an npm package.

npm install @actyx-contrib/registry

📖 Example / Tutorials

This library is made to reduce the code you write.

import { createRegistryFish, observeRegistry } from '../src'
import { ChatFish, EventType } from "./fish/chatFish"
import { Pond } from '@actyx/pond'

Pond.default().then(pond => {
  export const ChatRoomRegistryFish = createRegistryFish(ChatFish, EventType.message)
  observeRegistry(pond, ChatRoomRegistryFish, ChatFish)

You will find detailed examples here

You can access the full api documentation and related examples by visiting:


🤓 Developer tools

Script Description
npm run clean Clean lib and coverage folders
npm run tsc Run TypeScript check
npm run tsc:watch Run TypeScript check watch mode
npm run build Build project
npm run build:watch Build project watch mode
npm run lint Check for lint issues
npm run lint:fix Check and automatically fix lint issues
npm run test Run Jest tests
npm run test:no-coverage Run Jest tests and exclude coverage report
npm run license:add Append license information to every relevant files
npm run license:check Check if license information is present on every relevant files
npm run license:check-dep Check the licenses for project dependencies and produce a summary