Actyx Pond

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Actyx Pond

A TypeScript framework for writing distributed apps deployed on peer-to-peer networks, without any servers. This is made possible by being based on the Actyx Platform. Please visit also the developer documentation for how to get started.

Key features

  • Distributed Event-Sourcing architecture for great information replication facilities and declarative information consumption

  • Partition Tolerance built into the core by offering an eventually consistent programming model for arbitrary business logic

  • Eventual Consistency made easy by using an innovative time-travel algorithm integrated with performance optimizations like snapshots for swift recovery after restart

IDE setup

The recommended IDE for developing Actyx Pond is Visual Studio Code.

Recommended plugins

  • ESLint for live source code linting
  • Actyx Pond for efficienly working with fishes

License and Support

For commercial licenses and support please email contact@actyx.io.