Adsum Carousel Component

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<script type="module">
  import adactiveArcCarousel from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adactive/arc-carousel';


Carousel component


Live examples here

Getting started

    npm i --save @adactive/arc-carousel


    yarn add @adactive/arc-carousel
    import AdsumCarousel from "@adactive/arc-carousel"


type PropsType = {|
    +isOpen: boolean,
    +medias: Array<MediaType>,
    +onMediaTouch: (MediaType) => void,
    +carouselOptions?: Object,
    +style?: CSSStyleDeclaration

static defaultProps = {
    isOpen: false,
    medias: [],
    onMediaTouch: null,
    carouselOptions: {
        dragging: false,
        swiping: false,
        autoplayInterval: 10000,
        speed: 1000,
        renderCenterLeftControls: null,
        renderCenterRightControls: null,
        renderCenterBottomControls: null,
        renderBottomCenterControls: null,
        arrows: false,
        pauseOnHover: false,
        slidesToShow: 1,
        slidesToScroll: 1,
        adaptiveHeight: true,
        wrapAround: true

isOpen -> To show or hide carousel

medias -> Array of medias to be displayed in the carousel

onMediaTouch -> A callback function to capture clicking of the media

carouselOptions -> Refer to nuka-carousel for more information. However, 2 of the following options in nuka carousel have been predefined in Adsum Carousel Component.

  • autoPlay: This option will be set to true if there is only 1 media in the carousel and false if there are multiple media.
  • afterSlide: This option will be a predefined callback function that plays a video immediately if the next media in the carousel is a video.

style -> To customise the CSS of the overall component

Copy component inside your project src folder

Less only

`npx @adactive/arc-carousel copy --less-only`

Full copy

`npx @adactive/arc-carousel copy`