A package to send commands to a google home on the local network.

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  import adamChalmersGoogleHome from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adam-chalmers/google-home';


Google Home

A simple package for sending messages to a Google Home on the local network that wraps the google-assistant library for ease of use.


To use this package, you'll need to do some additional setup. Follow the installation instructions here to get started.


To use this package, simply import the package and instantiate the class with the required configuration:

import { GoogleHome } from "@adam-chalmers/google-home";

const homeConfig = {
    keyFilePath: "YOUR_API_KEY_FILE_PATH.json",
    savedTokensPath: "YOUR_TOKENS_FILE_PATH.json"
const home = new GoogleHome(homeConfig);


For TypeScript users, this package also exports the GoogleHomeConfig interface to make setup easier.