Spatial Hashmap data structure for use in broad phase collision detection

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Spatial Hashmap

An implementation of spatial hashing, which is typically used in collision detection. Objects are placed into "cells" within a 2D grid based on their position and size. Any object within the same cell is potentially colliding.

Why is this useful?

For collision detection, it can be significantly faster to have both a coarse, "broad phase" to get potentially colliding objects first, and then a "narrow phase" where a precise collision check is used between any potentially colliding objects. Rather than always comparing every pair of objects.


npm install @adamarthur/spatial-hashmap


import SpatialHashmap from '@adamarthur/spatial-hashmap';

const map = new SpatialHashmap({ 
                width: 100, 
                height: 100, 
                cellSize: 10 

const gameObject = {
    id: 'Player',
    body: {
        x: 0,
        y: 0,
        width: 10,
        height: 10,

// Second argument can be any rectangle definining position. In this case the player.body is a rectangle.
map.add(gameObject, gameObject.body);

// Get array of objects that could be intersecting this rectangle
    x: 5,
    y: 5,
    width: 1,
    height: 1,

// Used as a pre-filter to more precise collision detection
for (const group of map.getPossiblyCollidingGroups()) {


add(object, range)

Inserts an object into any cells of the grid that overlap range.


Returns an array of any object that could potentially be touching the supplied range.


Returns all sets of objects that are possibly colliding


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