A curses-based terminal ui wrapper for your "find"-like utility

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A terminal UI wrapper for your "find"-like utility. Quickly perform basic operations on the results of your find command, like copying paths, file/directory names, or file contents.

Frap Demo

Using frap

If you want to wrap the following command with frap:

find . -name *.txt

Simply replace find with frap:

frap . -name *.txt

By default, frap will wrap the find command. You can specify a different find utility (such as the excellent fd package) with the environment variable FRAP_FIND_UTILITY:

echo 'export FRAP_FIND_UTILITY=fd' >> ~/.bash_profile

In theory, you can use frap with any command or expression that outputs newline-delimited paths.

Navigating frap

Use arrow keys (or vi arrow keys), to navigate. Right arrow or enter selects, left arrow cancels. Press '/' to search within the returned matches. Press 'q' or 'esc' to quit.

Installing frap

npm install -g @adamhamlin/frap