Perfect scrollbar library for angular

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import addapptablesPerfectScrollbar from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@addapptables/perfect-scrollbar';


ADDAPPTABLES Perfect-scrollbar

Utility for scroll browser

Getting Started

To get started, let's install the package through npm:

Choose the version corresponding to your Angular version:

Angular @addapptables/perfect-scrollbar
8 2.x
7 1.x
npm i @addapptables/perfect-scrollbar perfect-scrollbar --S

How to use

Import AddapptablePerfectScrollbarModule in your module

   import { AddapptablePerfectScrollbarModule } from '@addapptables/perfect-scrollbar';
        imports: [AddapptablePerfectScrollbarModule]
    export class AddapptableModule { }
        position: relative; //this property is important
<div addapptablesPerfectScrollbar class="menu-scroll-container">
    ...large content


export interface Options {
    handlers?: string[];
    maxScrollbarLength?: number;
    minScrollbarLength?: number;
    scrollingThreshold?: number;
    scrollXMarginOffset?: number;
    scrollYMarginOffset?: number;
    suppressScrollX?: boolean;
    suppressScrollY?: boolean;
    swipeEasing?: boolean;
    useBothWheelAxes?: boolean;
    wheelPropagation?: boolean;
    wheelSpeed?: number;
<div addapptablesPerfectScrollbar [perfectScrollOptions]="{ wheelPropagation: true }" class="menu-scroll-container">
    ...large content