Tools to assist with the use of AddressFinder on a webpage

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  import addressfinderAddressfinderWebpageTools from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@addressfinder/addressfinder-webpage-tools';


AddressFinder Webpage Tools

This NPM package is designed to work alongside the AddressFinder Widget to add autocomplete capability to your Ecommerce store or webpage.

It provides three classes:

  • PageManager, which identifies your address form, and handles the mapping of your address form configurations to the DOM.
  • FormManager, which binds AddressFinder to your form, and handles the population of the correct address fields when an address is selected
  • MutationManager, which listens for mutations to the DOM, and reinitialises AddressFinder on mutations


npm install @addressfinder/addressfinder-webpage-tools


import { PageManager, MutationManager, FormManager } from '@addressfinder/addressfinder-webpage-tools'

For more examples of usage, look in the examples folder.