A Simple Vue.js Notification Library

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import adecrownWhoosh from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adecrown/whoosh';



Project setup

npm install @adecrown/whoosh


yarn add @adecrown/whoosh

Basic Usage

Inside your main.js file

import Whoosh from "@adecrown/whoosh";

then inside your App.vue file use Whoosh like this


Whoosh can then be called anywhere like this

  status: "error",
  title: "Something went wrong",
  message: "We could not find the id"


  // (optional) Notification status 'success,warn,error'
  // custom status can also be passed here
  status: "success",

  // (optional) Notification title
  title: "I am the title",

  // (optional) Notification message
  message: "I am the message",

  // (optional) This will override the default duration and the provided prop duration
  duration: 5,

  // (optional) This will override the default size and the provided prop size
  size: {
    width: 400,
    height: 250

  // (optional) Provide a callback function that gets called when the notification closes
  onClose: () =>{},

  // (optional) allows the notification to reveal extra data
    data:"New Data" | Login // (required) string or a registered component,
    height:600, //(optional) will expand to this height
    isComponent:false, //(optional) but required and should be set to true if expandable is to display a component
    noBackground: boolean // (optional);
    buttonColor: string // (optional);
    hideHeader: boolean // (optional);
    headerStyle: object // (optional);


Props Table

All props below are optional.

Name Type Default Description
duration Number 5 how long you want the notification to stay on for (5 equals 5 seconds)
fill Boolean false fill the whole card with the status color
closeOnClick Boolean false notification will only close when it's clicked on
textColor String black set the text color to what you prefer
progressColor String #dcd9d9 set the progress color to what you prefer
size Object {width:500,height:210} use it to set your prefered width and height
messageStyle Object give a custom style to the message section
titleStyle Object give a custom style to the title section
display left or right right controls which side the notification should come out from
mobileDisplay top or bottom top controls which position the notification should be displayed on mobile
isResponsive Boolean true handles responsiveness of notifications. Set it to false if you don't want the mobile view.
skin default or launch default set the notification skin type to use
queue Boolean false wait for existing notification to close before showing a new one

Custom Status

If the default status (success, error, warn) are not enough or not to your taste, you can create your own custom statuses which is an array of objects status and each object requires a name and color.

Inside your main.js file add the options parameter like below.

import Whoosh from "@adecrown/whoosh";
Vue.use(Whoosh, {
  statuses: [
      name: "Testing",
      color: "red"
      name: "Testing 3",
      color: "green"

Use Whoosh as normal to call your custom status

  status: "Testing",
  title: "This is my custom status",
  message: "Hello Testing"

The defualt statuses are still available along with your custom ones but you can also override the color of the default statuses by adding it to the statuses array

    name: 'error',
    color: 'black'

launch skin notification (usage)

Making use of the launch notification only require one prop, just add a skin prop to whoosh and specify 'launch' as the string. It's duration is fixed to 5 seconds.

  <Whoosh skin="launch"/>
  status: "success",
  message: "My launch message"