A CLI tool that notifies you, when the price of a crypto goes down past a threshold

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NodeJS Crypto Dip Alert

A CLI tool to monitor the prices of crypto, and notify you when it drops past a threshold you specify.

Installation and Usage

  • Make sure you have NodeJS installed.
  • Run npm i -g crypto-dip-alert or yarn global add crypto-dip-alert to install to your computer.
  • Run crypto-dip-alert -e or crypto-dip-alert --env to view and edit the .env file according to the instructions given here.
  • Run crypto-dip-alert with the right options.

CLI Options

This CLI tool has the following synopsis:

Usage: crypto-dip-alert [options]

  -c, --coins <coins>  A comma-separated list of coins to track (default: ["BTC","ETH"])
  -p, --price <price>  A price value to monitor (default: "0.01")
  -t, --type <type>    "percent" or "cents" (default: "percent")
  -l, --list           List available Cryptos
  -e, --env            View and Edit the .env file
  -h, --help           display help for command

Example 1.

crypto-dip-alert -c ETH,BTC,USDC,EOS

to track ETH, BTC, USDC and EOS coins.

Example 2.

crypto-dip-alert -c ETH -p 10 -t percent

to track a 10% dip in the price of ETH.

Example 3.

crypto-dip-alert -l

to list all symbols for available cryptos you can track.

Example 4.

crypto-dip-alert -e

to open/edit the .env file.


This script is written to make the notification system configurable.

By default, it comes with the following notifications:

  • Console (Terminal Output)
  • Mailgun (Uses the Mailgun service to send emails)
  • SMTP (Uses SMTP to send emails)
  • Telegram (Uses Telegram chat)

See Env Setup for more.