ChoicesJS Web Component plugin for adidas YARN Design System library

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  import adidasYarnPluginChoicesjsStencil from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adidas/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil';


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ChoicesJS Web Component plugin

This plugin is a CSS customization for the choicesjs-stencil Web Component.

It extends adidas YARN Design System library by adding the class .choicesjs-stencil as part of .yarn main class.

Check all ion the documentation page.

Use cases

The plugin just customize the choicesjs-stencil Web Component via CSS classes. It can be used along with adidas YARN to have enhanced select and multiselect components.

Requirements and dependencies

NodeJS and NPM are required to work with the repository.

It requires adidas YARN main library (YARN icons font dependency), as well as the Web Component and the [ChoicesJS][choicesjs] library.

Installation and running

  • In development mode:
    npm install
  • Run time:
    npm install choices.js choicesjs-stencil @adidas/yarn-design-system @adidas/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil

Load the stylesheet files and the dependencies in the HTML of your application:

<!-- YARN core and icons -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@adidas/yarn-design-system/dist/yarn.css"/>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@adidas/yarn-design-system/dist/yarn-icon.css"/>

<!-- plugin -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="node_modules/@adidas/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil/dist/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil.css"/>

<!-- plugin dependencies -->
<script src="node_modules/choices.js/public/assets/scripts/choices.min.js"></script>
<script src="node_modules/choicesjs-stencil/dist/choicesjsstencil.js"></script>

Or import them in your preprocessed CSS files with @import:

@import '~@adidas/yarn-design-system/dist/yarn.css';
@import '~@adidas/yarn-design-system/dist/yarn-icon.css';
@import '~@adidas/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil/dist/yarn-plugin-choicesjs-stencil.css';

Use of the plugin

The plugin can be used with or without YARN, but in both cases it requires main .yarn class in the top or in a parent element.

Just add the class .choicesjs-stencil to the Web Component:

<div class="yarn">
  <choicesjs-stencil class="choicesjs-stencil" type="text"/>

For multiline input box add also the classs .choicesjs-stencil--multiline:

<div class="yarn">
  <choicesjs-stencil class="choicesjs-stencil choicesjs-stencil--multiline" type="text"/>

Check how to work with the Web Component on ChoicesJS Stencil documentation.


The library consists of two parts:

  • The style source code, which is code of the library itself.
  • The example to show the different parts of the library.

Both are independent and they have different scripts to run them.

  • Library:
    npm run build
  • Example:
    npm run build:example

The library is compiled in the dist folder, whereas the example is created in the docs folder.

Example as Single Page Application

The example can be delivered as Single Page Application using the script npm run build:example:spa, executed after building the library. It accepts two environment variables:

  • HOSTNAME: host where the application will be deployed, the protocol should be omitted.
  • BASE: path where the application will be available.

Example deploying the application in https://name.domain:port/app:

HOSTNAME=//name.domain:port BASE=app npm run build:example:spa


The documentation is generated using the script doc, which generates the example in SPA mode. It also accepts the environment variables.

HOSTNAME=//name.domain:port BASE=app npm run doc


The script to develop this project have to be executed in different terminals because they have to be continuously running checking changes.

  • Library:
    npm run start:lib
  • Example:
    npm run start:example

Once the library is ready, and the example has been built, the application is ready in localhost: http://localhost:3000.

The scripts are waiting for changes in the source code to rebuild the library and the example. Each time a change is ready, the browser will update the page without reloading it, using Hot Module Replacement.

Working with the library

The library source code is inside the src folder.

Everything is imported from the main main.less file.

Style Guide

YARN library follows the adidas coding style guidelines.

Working with the example

The example code has been written using Nuxt, which is the Server Side Rendering framework of Vue.JS.

The code is located in the example folder and follows the Nuxt guidelines.

The documents are located in example/locales to be able to show the page in different languages. The .md files contain the content of full pages, while the [lang].json files have only titles and common words.

Code linting

The LESS and the Vue source code are linted using the adidas stylelint and ESLint linter configurations respectively.

There are separated scripts to lint the different sources and a global one to execute all together:

npm run lint

Note: it is mandatory to fix all the issues before pushing the code.


All the information about maintainers, contributing and license can be found in the root README file.