Logger library

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  import adikariLogger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adikari/logger';


Serverless Logger

Library to use as logger in your serverless application. This wraps around pino logging library and provides some sane defaults for logging in AWS.


# Via yarn
$ yarn add @adikari/logger

# Via npm
$ npm install @adikari/logger

How to use

Check pino api reference for list of all available methods.

Setting log level

By default the level is set to info. You can override by setting environment variable called LOG_LEVEL. If STAGE is set to dev, then the level will be set to debug if LOG_LEVEL environment variable is not present.

const { logger } = require('@adikari/logger');

const handler = event => {
  logger.debug(event, 'serverless event');
  logger.info({ userid: 'anton' }, 'user');

module.exports = { handler };

This library adds extra metadata