Using GitHub as a database

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  import adityaparabGithubDb from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adityaparab/github-db';


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github-db - Github as a Database :fire:

The issue

Finding an online JSON based database hosting is a pain! The restrictions in bandwidth, the limitation in data storage or the mere struggle of remembering the passwords for such deters even the most enthusiastic people. Moreover, the free acounts come with practically nothing for the beginners to explore with for beginners who just want the data to be persisted

The solution

This project solves the issue by using a github repository to store database.

The user provides data along with name of the collection in the database, and the server does appropriate operation using REST API, taking care of the data manipulation aspect.

The server manipulates the local repository database and periodically updates the database in the remote repository.


Refer to Contribution.md for more details on how to contribute.