Sample core for higher packages to depend on

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<script type="module">
  import adminLayoutComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@admin-layout/components';



It has layout component which is sync with https://github.com/reboxjs/pro-components/tree/master/packages/layout



  1. We can track the new changes from ant-desig/pro-components by create a PR against the cloned repository reboxjs/pro-components like below.


We create the PR with name as the date when it was created so we can see if any layout components changes has happen since then and we sync those change mannually in this package.

  1. We don't use less styles as in ant-design/pro-components. Instead we convert them to css and add into the stylesheet object so Fela package can absorb them.

Following tools will help to migrate less to css format.

Less to Css Following tool helps convert from less to css.


You need to define few variables before you run it.

For example like below and copy rest of the less styles of the component in it.

@ant-prefix: ant;
@basicLayout-prefix-cls: ant-pro-basicLayout;


css-beautify: to check the converted css from fela when open the app page and beautify it using following tool. https://www.cleancss.com/css-beautify/

  1. Write tests for fela styles so the styles can be compared.


Manual converstion from LESS to fela styles


  &-logo {
    position: relative;
    cursor: pointer;

    > a {
      display: flex;

    img {
      display: inline-block;

    h1 {
      display: inline-block;
    &.opened {
      background: @primary-color;


            '&-logo': {
                position: 'relative',
                display: 'flex',
                '> a': {
                    display: 'flex',
                '& img': { // need to add `& ` to convert correctly 
                    display: 'inline-block',
                '& h1': {    // need to add `& ` to convert correctly 
                    display: 'inline-block',
                '&:hover': {   // comma seperated will copy same styles as next one
                    background: `${primaryColor}`,
                '&.opened': {
                  background: `${primaryColor}`,