Extends the JavaScript Error object with custom properties.

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  import admixltdAdmixError from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@admixltd/admix-error';



Extends the JavaScript Error object with custom properties.

Calls parent constructor to set the error message and adds code, errorCode, manuallyThrown and innerException custom properties. Logs the final object using passed function, Elastic URL or Debug library with the tag error-custom.


  • Nodejs >= 8.10


const error = new ErrorCustom(message, statusCode, errorCode, baseError, logFunction);
  • {string} message Error message to set on the Error object
  • {number} statusCode HTTP status code
  • {number} errorCode The specific error code as defined in documentation
  • {Error} baseError Optional base exception to be included as innerException property
  • {Function|string} logFunction Optional function to log the error with. If not supplied, debug library will be used to log to the console with the tag error-custom. If a string is provided that is a URL, it will be used to send to that URL with ElasticSearch client in Winston format.

Environment Variables

Functionality can be modified with various environment variables:

  • ELASTIC_LOGGING_URL: A url to Elastic that will send errors there as well as using Debug to log locally to stdout.
  • ELASTIC_PING_TIMEOUT: An integer specifying ping timeout in milliseconds (defaults to 2000).
  • ELASTIC_REQUEST_TIMEOUT: An integer specifying request timeout in milliseconds (defaults to 2000).
  • ELASTIC_FLUSH_INTERVAL: An integer specifying flush interval in milliseconds (defaults to 500).



Event Bridge

Added Eventbridge