An abstraction on top of blob cloud storage exposing a file like API

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Adobe I/O CNA Storage SDK

A JavaScript abstraction on top of cloud blob storages exposing a file-system like API.

You can initialize the SDK with your Adobe I/O Runtime (a.k.a OpenWhisk) credentials.

Alternatively, you can bring your own cloud storage keys. Note however, that as of now we only support Azure Blob Storage. AWS S3 is the next on the todo list and will soon be available.


npm install @adobe/adobeio-cna-cloud-storage


  const storageSDK = require('@adobe/adobeio-cna-cloud-storage')

  // init
  // init sdk using OpenWhisk credentials
  const storage = await storageSDK.init({ ow: { namespace, auth } })
  // init when env vars __OW_AUTH and __OW_NAMESPACE are set (e.g. when running in an OpenWhisk action)
  const storage = await storageSDK.init()
  // or if you want to use your own storage account
  const storage = await storageSDK.init({ azure: { storageAccount, storageAccessKey, containerName } })

  // write private file
  await storage.write('mydir/myfile.txt', 'some private content')

  // write publicly accessible file
  await storage.write('public/index.html', '<h1>Hello World!</h1>')

  // get file url
  const props = await storage.getProperties('public/index.html')

  // list all files
  await storage.list('/') // ['mydir/myfile.txt', 'public/index.html']

  // read
  const buffer = await storage.read('mydir/myfile.txt')
  buffer.toString() // 'some private content'

  // pipe read stream to local file
  const rdStream = await storage.createReadStream('mydir/myfile.txt')
  const stream = rdStream.pipe(fs.createWriteStream('my-local-file.txt'))
  stream.on('finish', () => console.log('done!'))

  // write read stream to remote file
  const rdStream = fs.createReadStream('my-local-file.txt')
  await storage.write('my/remote/file.txt', rdStream)

  // delete files in 'my/remote/' dir
  await storage.delete('my/remote/')
  // delete all public files
  await storage.delete('public/')
  // delete all files including public
  await storage.delete('/')

  // copy
  // upload local directory
  await storage.copy('my-static-app/', 'public/', { localSrc: true })
  // download to local directory
  await storage.copy('public/my-static-app/', 'my-static-app-copy', { localDest: true })
  // copy files around cloud storage
  await storage.copy('public/my-static-app/', 'my/private/folder')


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Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.