Common helper utilities used by AEM as a Cloud Service code refactoring tools

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aem-cs-source-migration-commons library provides common functionalities and helper utilities used by AEM as a Cloud Service Code Refactoring Tools (packages).


While the Code Refactoring tools (modules) are created for different purposes, they each end up defining a set of utility methods and functionalities that are similar. To avoid duplicate code or functionalities, common utilities are extracted out into its own module, which can then be included by the tools and used.

This project offers a set of functionalities that can be shared among different code refactoring tool modules:

  • Logging Functionality
  • Summary Report Generation Functionality
  • Common Utility Methods and Constants


Installing the Utilities

This project uses node and npm. Check your system if you already have these utilities installed.

It can be installed like any other Node.js module.

$ npm install @adobe/aem-cs-source-migration-commons

Adding the Module Requirement

Follow the steps below to add the module to your Node.js project:

  1. Install the module in your project.
  2. Add the require function in the module in the javascript file where it will be consumed:
const Commons = require('@adobe/aem-cs-source-migration-commons');

or by destructuring assignment syntax (as per requirement)

const {    
    SummaryReportWriter} = require('@adobe/aem-cs-source-migration-commons');


Contributions are welcomed! Refer to Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. Refer to LICENSE for more information.