A JS client to access the Adobe I/O token vending machine

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Adobe I/O Lib Core Token Vending Machine

A JS client to access the token vending machine.

For more details on the server side, goto adobe/aio-tvm


npm install @adobe/aio-lib-core-tvm


const TvmClient = require('@adobe/aio-lib-core-tvm')
// init
const tvm = await TvmClient.init({ ow: { auth: '<myauth>', namespace: '<mynamespace>' } })
// init with retryOptions
const tvm = await TvmClient.init({ ow: { auth: '<myauth>', namespace: '<mynamespace>' }, retryOptions: { maxRetries: 5, initialDelayInMillis: 100} })

// aws s3
const awsS3Credentials = await tvm.getAwsS3Credentials()
const aws = require('aws-sdk')
const s3 = new aws.S3(awsS3Credentials)
// ...operations on s3 object

// azure blob
const azureBlobCredentials = await tvm.getAzureBlobCredentials()
const azure = require('@azure/storage-blob')
const azureCreds = new azure.AnonymousCredential()
const pipeline = azure.StorageURL.newPipeline(azureCreds)
const containerURLPrivate = new azure.ContainerURL(azureBlobCredentials.sasURLPrivate, pipeline)
const containerURLPublic = new azure.ContainerURL(azureBlobCredentials.sasURLPublic, pipeline)
// ...operations on containerURLPrivate and containerURLPublic

// azure cosmos
const azureCosmosCredentials = await tvm.getAzureCosmosCredentials()
const cosmos = require('@azure/cosmos')
const container = new cosmos.CosmosClient({ endpoint: azureCosmosCredentials.endpoint, tokenProvider: async () => azureCosmosCredentials.resourceToken })
const data = await container.item('<itemKey>', azureCosmosCredentials.partitionKey).read()
// ...operations on items within azureCosmosCredentials.partitionKey


goto API


set DEBUG=@adobe/aio-lib-core-tvm* to see debug logs.


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.