Helix Epsagon Support

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Helix Epsagon Support

Helper library to easily enable epsagon support for openwhisk actions.


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API Reference

epsagon ⇒ ActionFunction

Wrap function that returns an OpenWhisk function is automatically instrumented with epsagon, if the EPSAGON_TOKEN action parameter is present.


const { wrap } = require('@adobe/openwhisk-action-utils');
const { epsagon } = require('@adobe/helix-epsagon');

async function main(params) {
  //…my action code…

module.exports.main = wrap(main)

Returns: ActionFunction - a new function with the same signature as your original main function

Param Type Default Description
action ActionFunction Original OpenWhisk action main function
[opts] EpsagonOptions Additional epsagon options
[opts.sendTimeout] number 2000 Time in milliseconds after which the request to the epsagon infrastructure times out.
[opts.token_param] string "EPSAGON_TOKEN" The name of the action parameter that contains the epsagon token.
[opts.appName] string "Helix Service" The name of this application.
[opts.ignoredKeys] Array.<RegExp, string> [/^[A-Z][A-Z0-9_]+$/, /^_ow.*/, 'authorization', 'request_body'] Array of patterns for parameter keys to ignore in traces.
[opts.urlPatternsToIgnore] Array.<RegExp, string> ['api.coralogix.com'] Array of patterns for urls to ignore in traces.
[opts.disableHttpResponseBodyCapture] boolean true Disables response capture.