UI Components for Parliament projects

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<script type="module">
  import adobeParliamentUiComponents from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adobe/parliament-ui-components';



UI Components for Parliament projects

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You can install the package using a package manager like npm or yarn.

yarn add @adobe/parliament-ui-components


import React from 'react'

import { Heading1, Footer } from '@adobe/parliament-ui-components'

const Example = ({ title }) => {
  return (
      <div>Hello world!</div>
      <Footer />

and don't forget to import the packages styles from @adobe/parliament-ui-components/dist/index.css.


Install dependencies

yarn install

Run Tests

yarn test

Run Storybook

This project uses [Storybook][http://storybook.js.org/] for testing the look and behavior of its UI components.

yarn storybook

Concurrent Development

If you want to do concurrent development of this project while it is a dependency of another project you can accomplish it by using yarn link and following these steps.


1. Register this Project

This will register @adobe/parliament-ui-components, react and react-dom so they can be used in other local projects. It will also avoid the invalid hook call warning.

yarn link
cd node_modules/react
yarn link
cd ../react-dom
yarn link

2. Watch for Changes

yarn run start

Now any changes you make in this project will automatically be built.

3. Use Sibling Project

Go to the root directory of your sibling project and run the following commands:

yarn link react
yarn link react-dom
yarn link @adobe/parliament-ui-components

Now when you run your sibling project it will use the local copy of @adobe/parliament-ui-components that you can edit on the fly. Again, avoiding the invalid hook call warning.

Tear Down

When you no longer want to use the local copy of @adobe/parliament-ui-components you can revert back to the published package by following these steps.

1. Unlink the Dependencies

In your sibling project run:

yarn unlink react
yarn unlink react-dom
yarn unlink @adobe/parliament-ui-components
yarn install --force

This will return your project to the state when you did a yarn install.




Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.