Adobe Experience Platform support for React Native apps.

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  import adobeReactNativeAepassurance from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adobe/react-native-aepassurance';


React Native AEP Assurance Extension

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@adobe/react-native-aepassurance is a wrapper around the iOS and Android AEPAssurance SDK to allow for integration with React Native applications. Functionality to start Assurance session is provided through JavaScript documented below.


You need to install the SDK with npm and configure the native Android/iOS project in your react native project. Before installing the Assurance extension it is recommended to begin by installing the Core extension.

Note: If you are new to React Native we suggest you follow the React Native Getting Started page before continuing.

1. Create React Native project

First create a React Native project:

react-native init MyReactApp

2. Install JavaScript packages

Install and link the @adobe/react-native-aepassurance package:

cd MyReactApp
npm install @adobe/react-native-aepassurance

2.1 Link

  • React Native 0.60+

CLI autolink feature links the module while building the app.

  • React Native <= 0.59
react-native link @adobe/react-native-aepassurance

Note For iOS using cocoapods, run:

cd ios/ && pod install


This project contains jest unit tests which are contained in the __tests__ directory, to run the tests locally:

make run-tests-locally



Importing the extension:
import {AEPAssurance} from '@adobe/react-native-aepassurance';
Getting the extension version:
AEPAssurance.extensionVersion().then(version => console.log("AdobeExperienceSDK: AEPAssurance version: " + version));
Registering the extension with ACPCore:

It is recommended to initialize the SDK via native code inside your AppDelegate and MainApplication in iOS and Android respectively.

#import <RCTAEPAssurance/AEPAssurance.h>

[AEPAssurance registerExtension];
import com.adobe.marketing.mobile.Assurance;
Start Assurance session:
import {AEPAssurance} from '@adobe/react-native-aepassurance';

Additional React Native Plugins

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Looking to contribute to this project? Please review our Contributing guidelines prior to opening a pull request.

We look forward to working with you!


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.