Launch rule engine which processes rules on client websites and delegates logic to extensions.

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Launch Turbine

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Launch, by Adobe, is a next-generation tag management solution enabling simplified deployment of marketing technologies. For more information regarding Launch, please visit our product website.

Turbine is the orchestrator within a Launch JavaScript runtime library (the library deployed on a client website) which processes previously configured rules and delegates logic to extensions.

This project is not intended to be used directly by consumers; it is used by the Launch build system and incorporated into emitted runtime libraries.


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.

To get started:

  1. Install node.js.
  2. Clone the repository.
  3. After navigating into the project directory, install project dependencies by running npm install.


To run tests a single time, run the following command:

npm run test

To run tests continually while developing, run the following command:

npm run test:watch

To ensure your code meets our linting standards, run the following command:

npm run lint

To create a build, run the following command:

npm run build

Browser Support

Turbine supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome (latest)
  • Safari (latest)
  • Firefox (latest)
  • Internet Explorer (10 and above)
  • iOS Safari (latest)


This project is licensed under the Apache V2 License. See LICENSE for more information.