Library of react components optimized for Adobe's Unified Extensibility Platform

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  import adobeUxpOptimized from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adobe/uxp-optimized';


Uxp Optimized


Uxp Optimized is a library of browser compatible react components specifically optimized for Adobe's Unified Extensibility Platform.


npm install @adobe/uxp-optimized


yarn add @adobe/uxp-optimized


A react virtualizer for efficiently rendering long lists of items. Similar to react-virtualized.


Virtualizer API

import Virtualizer from "@adobe/uxp-optimized/Virtualizer";

//  1. Create your items.
let items = [
    { key: "a", type: "comment", text: "Comment 1"},
    { key: "b", type: "comment", text: "Comment 2"},
    { key: "c", type: "image", image: "./path/to/image.png"},

//  2. Create the Virtualizer
return <Virtualizer
    style={{ width: 500, height: 500}}
    //  3. Provide a function to convert items to react components.
    item => item.type === "comment" ? <div class="comment">{item.text}</div> : <img src={item.image}></img>;

Custom CSS Properties

See the FlowLayout sample.

.MyVirtualizer {
    /* The vertical gap to add between horizontal rows, default = 0px */
    --row-gap: 20px;
    /* The horizontal gap to add between flex or column layout items, default = 0px */
    --column-gap: 20px;

.MyVirtualItem {
    /* Enables column width sizing. Use "auto" or an integer value. */
    --column-count-self: auto | number;
    /* If using "auto" above, then provide this or both min-width and max-width */
    --optimum-width: 100px;


Basic Flow Layout Sample

Progressive Css Layout Sample

React Hooks


A hook which will call a function every time an elements size changes on UXP or web.

import { useSize } from "@adobe/uxp-optimized/react";

function Growable() {
    let ref = useRef<HTMLDivElement>(null);
    useSize(ref, (element) => {
        console.log("Resized", element.clientWidth, element.clientHeight);
    return <div ref={ref}></div>;



git clone https://github.com/adobe/uxp-optimized.git
cd uxp-optimized
yarn install

Testing in browser

yarn watch_sample

Open http://localhost:1234 in your browser.

Note: The browser must currently support ResizeObserver api.

Testing on UXP

Install torq-native in a peer directory and then run:


This should launch the sample in the UXP demo as a plugin.

Performance Tips for UXP

  • Minimize number of elements rendered per virtual item.
  • All virtual items with the same html structure should share the same "itemType".
    • Items are only recycled within the same "itemType".
  • Prefer to use display: none; instead of visibility: hidden; for invisible elements.
    • display: none means native elements don't have to be created.
    • We don't want to pay a cost for elements that only might become visible.


Contributions are welcomed! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.