Command line tool for Adonisjs

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AdonisJs Cli 🍺

Scaffolding tool for Adonisjs

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Adonis cli is built on top of Adonis ace and helps you scaffold new Adonisjs projects.

Also it can proxy all the ace commands for a project, so that you can run them using the global adonis command.


You can install the package from npm.

npm i --global @adonisjs/cli


adonis new yardstick

# start http server
adonis serve --dev

Moving Forward

Checkout the official documentation at the AdonisJs website for more info.


Tests are written using japa. Run the following commands to run tests.

npm run test:local

# report coverage
npm run test

# on windows
npm run test:win

Release History

Checkout CHANGELOG.md file for release history.


AdonisJs – @adonisframework – virk@adonisjs.com

Checkout LICENSE.txt for license information

Harminder Virk (Aman) - https://github.com/thetutlage