List of generic exceptions to be used in all other repos

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AdonisJs Generic Exceptions 🚀

Customized exceptions for AdonisJs

NPM Version

This repo contains some helpful classes to throw uniform exceptions through out the application. Ofcourse you can throw exceptions using new Error() but using this package will help in throwing informative exceptions.


Install package using npm.

npm i @adonisjs/generic-exceptions


The package exports all exceptions from node-exceptions and adds additional methods to the RuntimeException class.

const { InvalidArgumentException } = require('@adonisjs/generic-exceptions')

const message = 'Model.create requires an object'
const status = 400
const code = 'E_INVALID_ARGUMENT'

throw new InvalidArgumentException(message, status, code)

The status must be a valid HTTP status code and code is a unique error code to recognize an exception. AdonisJs error codes starts with E_, for example: E_MISSING_CONFIG.


The following static methods are added to the runtime exception to make the adonisJs related exceptions consistent.

missingConfig(key, file)


incompleteConfig(missingKeys, file)

invoke(message, status, [code])

Checkout the complete API docs here