Loggly transporter for Adonis Logger

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  import adonisjsLoggly from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adonisjs/loggly';


Adonis Loggly

Loggly logger provider for AdonisJs

This package let you make use of loggly as the transporter for your log messages. It is expected to be used with the inbuilt Logger provider of AdonisJs.


adonis install @adonisjs/loggly

# yarn users
adonis install @adonisjs/loggly --yarn

Next step is to register the provider as show below.

const providers = [

Now, you are all set to make use of this provider. Just make sure to define the required configuration and set transporter=loggly.


module.exports = {
  logger: {
    transport: 'loggly',

    loggly: {
      driver: 'loggly',
      tags: [],
      json: true,
      token: 'LOGGLY_TOKEN',
      subdomain: 'LOGGLY_SUBDOMAIN'      

Read about all the config options here https://www.npmjs.com/package/winston-loggly-bulk.