A smooth scrollbar based on Hermes, scroll down 'till hell

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A smooth scrollbar with optional native scroll or section implementation for performance boosting


Hades is written in typescript and available as npm package with the alongside types definitions. So install as always

 npm install --save @adoratorio/hades


Then it can be required or imported as module

import Hades from '@adoratorio/hades';

Internally Hades is using other Adoratorio packages like Hermes for scroll event handling and normalizatino and Aion for requestAnimationFrame management so also those packages documentations are worth to checkout.

Available options

When instantiated the constructor take the following options

NOTE all options are used only in virtual mode, except of course for the mode one

parameter type default description
mode string Hades.MODE.VIRTUAL A string indicating the scroll mode you wish to use, it can be 'virtual', 'native' or 'fake' also static enumerators are exposed to help:
viewport HTMLElement document.querySelector('.hades-viewport') The node in the DOM used to identify the wrapper for the translated DOM node (usually a fixed height node) with overflow: hidden for the VIRTUAL mode. In case of the NATIVE or FAKE modes, is the scroll container used to detect scroll events.
container HTMLElement document.querySelector('.hades-container') The node translated when the user scrolls.
easing Function Hades.EASING.LINEAR A function used to bend the progress in time to match a curve and create more natural scrolling inertia the function is called with only one parameter being the time nomralized in relation with the total duration (currentTime / totalDuration) so the value is goint from 0 to a max of 1. Eg. for a linear time function(t) { return t; }. It's always a advised to use a linear-in eased-out timing function to avoid weird visual artifacts when the scroll starts. Some enumerators are exposed, just for having a bounch of useful functions out of the box: Hades.EASING.LINEAR, Hades.EASING.QUAD, Hades.EASING.CUBIC, Hades.EASING.QUART, Hades.EASING.QUINT. If you wish BezierEasing from bezier-easing npm package can be used as easing function.
duration number 1000 The total lasting duration of the scrolling inertia after the user has stopped scrolling. Expressed in ms.
infiniteScroll boolean false Whether or not the boundaries are taken in account when checking the scroll amount, resulting in an infinite scrolling on all axis.
emitGlobal boolean false If you want the custom scroll generated internally also emitted on global scope (window).
callback Callbacks { frame: () => {}, scroll: () => {} } The callbacks functions, scroll is called on each scroll event, the HadesEvent is passed to this function. Frame is called every rAF after updating style
renderByPixel boolean false Used if you want to apply integer rounded values to the css transition units. If not, the full value is used instead, resulting in a smoother animations, especially the slowest ones, avoiding that much stattering in particular in the end of the animation, but it's performance consuming.
lockX boolean true Lock the x axis when detecting scroll events.
lockY boolean false Lock the y axis when detecting scroll events.
boundries { min: { x: number, y:number }, max: { x:number, y:number } } Hades.createBoundries(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax) The scroll max and min amount in the x and y axis. An object containing these properties { min: { x: 0, y: 0 }, max: { x: 0, y: 0 } }. A static utility function is exposed as helper to build the object: Hades.createBoundries(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax).
sections boolean \| string false Wheather to use sections tecnique. Pass the CSS to selector for the sections to activate, if active the translate properties are applied to the sections instead of the whole container, using the correct values to make the sections translating only when they should be in viewport and to make them feel as "normal". This is computationally more expensive due to loops, but will gain in gpu performance 'cause the translation is applied to a smaller "surface".
aion Aion \| null null The Aion instance to use within to perform animations and per-frame operations. If passed this instance will be used, instead a new one is created.
autoplay boolean true Autostart the rendering cycle or not.
touchMultiplier number 1.5 A multiplier used for touches delta and speed calculations, passed to Hermes. Reasonable values are between 0.8 and 3 but it's just a suggestion. Higher values will increase the feeling of slippery touch effect.
smoothDirectionChange boolean false If true when the scroll direction change the easing setted is kept to help the transition between one direction and the other to feel more interial. On realy smooth easings and high durations this can feel a bit awkward. If false an immediate direction change is applied.
renderScroll boolean false Wheather or not to apply the actual CSS transform property, if false the internal amount is kept and exposed for your personal use.
startStopPrecision number 4 A number to define the precision of the start and stop events.


Static Methods

Hades.createBoundries(xMin, xMax, yMin, yMax)

Hades.createBoundires(xMin: number, xMax: number, yMin: number, yMax: number): Boundries

Create an object suitable for scrollbar boundries.

Instance Properties

The Hades instance exposes two main properties:


• Type: interface Vec2 { x:number, y:number } With x and y props exposes the current scroll amount, updated frame-by-frame.


• Type: interface Vec2 { x:number, y:number } With x and y props exposes the current scroll speed, updated frame-by-frame.

Instance Getters


• Type number Get the current direction of the scroll, page mouving up is 1 and page moving down is -1. Enumerators are also exposed with Hades.DIRECTION.UP, Hades.DIRECTION.DOWN and an inert enum is exposed Hades.DIRECTION.INITIAL.


• Type boolean Get true if mode is setted to virtual or false if not.


• Type boolean Get true if mode is setted to native or false if not.


• Type boolean Get true if mode is setted to native or false if not.

Instance Setters


• Type Function Set the easing function, use the constructor param for documentation reference.


• Type number Set the duration, use the constructor param for documentation reference.


• Type boolean Set if infinite scroll is used or not, use the constructor param for documentation reference.


• Type boolean Set if global events are emitted or not.


• Type number Set the touch multiplier passed to Hermes instance.


• Type boolean Set whether to use smooth direction change or not.


• Type boolean Set if to apply CSS transform or not.