A JS utility for scroll events normalization and management

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<script type="module">
  import adoratorioHermes from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adoratorio/hermes';



A utility library for wheel events and touch event normalization


# Install package
npm install @adoratorio/hermes


Since this package has a pkg.module field, it’s highly recommended to import it as an ES6 module with some bundlers like webpack or rollup:

import Hermes from '@adoratorio/hermes';
const hermes = new Hermes({ });

If you are not using any bundlers, you can just load the UMD bundle:

<script src="/medusa/umd/index.js"></script>
<script>var medusa = window.Hermes({ });</script>

Available options

Hermes accept in the constructor and option object with the following possible props.

parameter type default description
mode string Hermes.MODE.VIRTUAL The mode to use when creating the instance, VIRTUAL will not use any DOM element to detect scroll but mousewheel events instead, FAKE will use a hook div underneath the content to detect scroll and NATIVE will use de DOM element declared as container tod etect scroll events
events Array [Hermes.EVENT.WHEEL, Hermes.EVENT.TOUCH, Hermes.EVENT.KEYS] The events to listen to
container HTMLElement document.querySelector('.hermes-container') The DOM element used as container to detect event on
hook HTMLElement document.querySelector('.hermes-hook') The DOM element used as hook for scroll amount in FAKE mode
passive boolean true If you want to use passive event listeners
emitGlobal boolean false If you want to emit global event on the window
touchClass string '.prevent-touch' The class used to prevent touch
touchMultiplier number 2 A multiplier for touch values, less it's going to be slower scroll and require more user action to scroll, more will end up in a fast page scroll with minimum finger move


The main core exposes only two methods

hermesInstance.bind(handler : Function); // Will call the function every event trigger

Otherwhise a global event will be emitted (if emitGlobal option is set to true). Event types are

name enum When
hermes-wheel Hermes.EVENTS.WHEEL When a type of mouswheel event is detected
hermes-touch Herms.EVENTS.TOUCH When a touchmouve event occurs after a touchstart, triggered also one last time on touchend with the inertia of the finger leaving the screen
hermes-spacebar Hermes.EVENTS.SPACEBAR When spacebar is pressed in to scroll the page
hermes-arrows Hermes.EVENTS.ARROWS When arrows are pressed to scroll the page
hermes-keys Hermes.EVENTS.KEY When any key (spacebar or arrows) is pressed to scroll the page, this is a sum event of the preceding two