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  import adrianjostReportViewer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@adrianjost/report-viewer';



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Add the following things to your CI:

  1. Install Upload Script npm i -g @adrianjost/report-viewer
  2. set enviroment variables
  3. run upload script rv-upload -F test/output/** (check CLI options below)

Enviroment Variables

variable descripton
REPORT_VIEWER_TOKEN your personal authorization token. You can also pass it using the CLI
REPORT_VIEWER_ORG Git organization/username e.g. adrianjost for https://github.com/adrianjost
REPORT_VIEWER_REPO Git repo name e.g. report-viewer for https://github.com/adrianjost/report-viewer
REPORT_VIEWER_BRANCH Git branch name e.g. master for branch builds (only for branch builds)
REPORT_VIEWER_PULL Git number of the pull request for pull builds e.g. 59 for pull 59 (only for pull request builds)
REPORT_VIEWER_COMMIT Git commit hash (sha) e.g. 35e32b6a00dec02ae7d7c45c6b7106779a124685

Note: for the following CI services, you do not need to specify the variables REPORT_VIEWER_ORG, REPORT_VIEWER_ORG, REPORT_VIEWER_ORG, REPORT_VIEWER_ORG:

Feel free to contribute more by creating a pull request or issue.

CLI Options

name shorthand required description
--file -F glob pattern for all files that should be uploaded
--token -T your personal authorization token. You can also pass it as a enviroment variable (REPORT_VIEWER_TOKEN)
--ignore -I glob pattern for all files matched by the file parameter that should not be uploaded
--no-predefined-ignore if defined, the predefined ignore patterns get ignored


# install dependencies
npm i

# initially build project
npm run build

# link bin script
npm link

# start developing
npm run dev

# test current build
rv-upload -F dist/*.js