A simple implementation of the Paybox System payment solution

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Paybox System npm version

This library is a simple implementation of the Paybox System payment solution

How to use it

  • Install the library first with yarn add @adriantombu/paybox-system
  • And then import it in your script

Get the payment form button

const { Paybox } = require('@adriantombu/paybox-system')

const payment = Paybox.create({
    payboxSite: '1999888',
    payboxRang: '32',
    payboxIdentifiant: '1686319',
    payboxHmac: 'HMACHMACHMAC',
    payboxEffectue: 'https://www.exemple.com/payment/success',
    payboxRefuse: 'https://www.exemple.com/payment/error',
    payboxAnnule: 'https://www.exemple.com/payment/cancelled',
    payboxAttente: 'https://www.exemple.com/payment/waiting',
    payboxRepondreA: 'https://www.exemple.com/payment/process',
    amount: 4990, // This is the price x100 to remove the comma
    email: 'adrian@example.com',
    reference: '123456',

const form = await payment.form();

Where form contains an object similar to the one below.

  "url": "https://preprod-tpeweb.paybox.com/cgi/MYchoix_pagepaiement.cgi",
  "method": "POST",
  "form": "<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_SITE\" value=\"1999888\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_RANG\" value=\"32\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_IDENTIFIANT\" value=\"1686319\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_ARCHIVAGE\" value=\"559891246771\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_TOTAL\" value=\"0000004990\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_DEVISE\" value=\"978\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_CMD\" value=\"123456\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_PORTEUR\" value=\"adrian@example.com\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_RETOUR\" value=\"amount:M;paymentId:R;transactionId:T;authorizationId:A;cardType:P;cardNumber:N;cardExpiration:D;error:E;payboxRef:S;signature:K;\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_RUF1\" value=\"POST\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_3DS\" value=\"N\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_TIME\" value=\"07062019090726\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_HASH\" value=\"SHA512\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_EFFECTUE\" value=\"https://www.arlettie.fr/payment/success\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_REFUSE\" value=\"https://www.arlettie.fr/payment/error\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_ANNULE\" value=\"https://www.arlettie.fr/payment/cancelled\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_ATTENTE\" value=\"https://www.arlettie.fr/payment/waiting\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_REPONDRE_A\" value=\"https://api.arlettie.fr/payments/webhook\" /><input type=\"hidden\" name=\"PBX_HMAC\" value=\"713E1F0FF270D5AA16A61B76C3BACCC4A15B039E6472B0D13EE51D905D3DFA196FC572600646B5897ACDFBDE1404EE7BAFF727D1EDB723C0DA121720D485E7F7\" />",
  "elements": [
      "name": "PBX_SITE",
      "value": "1999888"


      "name": "PBX_HMAC",
      "value": "713E1F0FF270D5AA16A61B76C3BACCC4A15B039E6472B0D13EE51D905D3DFA196FC572600646B5897ACDFBDE1404EE7BAFF727D1EDB723C0DA121720D485E7F7"

Note: It is better to use the form string instead of the elements array because the values are computed in a given order. This way you are certain that there will be no problem.

Check the returned transaction

Always use the payboxRepondreA to check the transaction. This is a url directly called by Paybox from server to server that returns the result of the transaction.

const { Paybox } = require('@adriantombu/paybox-system')

// This is an exemple of a POST body that you retrieve from the Paybox call
const body = {
  authorizationId: '1234',
  error: '00000',
  amount: '4990',
  signature: 'SQDGFQSDGFQSDFR234GGR23523423',
  paymentId: '123456'

 // This should be saved in your database (along with the transaction id) before the user goes to the Paybox form
const amount = 4990;

const status = Paybox.isValid(body, amount)
// true

How to contribute

  • Clone the repository git clone git@github.com:adriantombu/paybox-system.git
  • Install the packages with yarn install
  • Modify the files under in the src/ folder
  • When everything's done, you can send a PR \o/