A package to handle ARC preferences state in both rendered and main process

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  import advancedRestClientArcElectronSourcesManager from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advanced-rest-client/arc-electron-sources-manager';


ARC Electron sources manager

Resolves paths to application source files and themes based on theme.


$ npm i @advanced-rest-client/electron-drive

In the main process:

const {SourcesManager} = require('@advanced-rest-client/arc-electron-sources-manager/main');
const {ArcPreferences} = require('@advanced-rest-client/arc-electron-preferences');
const startupOptions = {}; // Application start up options.
const prefs = new ArcPreferences();
const manager = new SourcesManager(prefs, startupOptions);

To get paths configuration for the renderer window

.then((config) => {
  // {
  //  "appComponents": "Location to app component main directory",
  //  "importFile": "Location of the app sources import file"
  //  "themeFile": "Location of theme definition"
  // }

Renderer process

const {ThemeManager} = require('@advanced-rest-client/arc-electron-sources-manager/renderer');
const mgr = new ThemeManager();

The manager gives access to:

  • listThemes() - lists all installed themes
  • readActiveThemeInfo() - reads activated theme info
  • activate(themeId) - Activates new theme
  • loadTheme(themeLocation) - Loads theme file and activates it.

It listens for the following web custom events:

  • themes-list - calls listThemes(), adds call result to detail.result
  • theme-active-info - calls readActiveThemeInfo(), adds call result to detail.result
  • theme-activate - calls activate(event.detail.theme), adds call result to detail.result