Advanced REST Client import-export UI module.

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Advanced REST Client import-export UI module

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A module containing Advanced REST Client data export related UIs.



npm install --save @advanced-rest-client/arc-ie


An element to visually inspect ARC export object. It is used by ARC during the import flow.

<import-data-inspector .data="${data}" @cancel="${this.cancelled}" @import="${this.imported}"></import-data-inspector>

The data object is the ArcExportObject declare in the @advanced-rest-client/arc-types/DataExport declaration.


An element to present the user with the file export options handled by the application.

<export-options file="my-demo-file.arc" provider="drive" parentId="drive file id" withEncrypt></export-options>

The element dispatches event defined in GoogleDriveEventTypes.listAppFolders to request the application to list all application created folder in the Google Drive application.


An element that contains a UI to present ARC database export options. It communicates with the ArcDataExportElement via events.

<arc-export-form withEncrypt provider="drive" parentId="drive file id"></arc-export-form>


A component that handles ARC data export logic via events. It takes care for creating an export object for ARC data, encrypting the content (when requested) and to produce communicate with the export provides via event.

This element should be inserted into the DOM somewhere in the project.

<are-data-export appversion="major.minor.patch" electroncookies></are-data-export>


The opposite of the ArcDataExportElement element. Provides the logic for the import flow and communicates with other components via the events system to finish the import flow.



git clone https://github.com/@advanced-rest-client/arc-ie
cd arc-ie
npm install

Running the demo locally

npm start

Running the tests

npm test