A class for Electron that specializes in Google Drive data import / export

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<script type="module">
  import advancedRestClientElectronDrive from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advanced-rest-client/electron-drive';


Google Drive integration for ARC electron app

This module is used in ARC electron app. It integrates the application with Google Drive.


$ npm i @advanced-rest-client/electron-drive

In the main process:

const {DriveExport} = require('@advanced-rest-client/electron-drive');
const drive = new DriveExport();

In renderer process

const {ipcRenderer} = require('electron');

const requestId = 'An id to recognize the request in event based environment';
const body = {
  property: 'value'
const id = undefined; // This is optional, used when updating a file
const auth = undefined; // This is optional, see below for details
ipcRenderer.send('google-drive-data-save', requestId, {
  meta: {
    name: 'file-name.json',
    description: 'My test file',
  type: 'application/json', // File (content) media type
ipcRenderer.on('google-drive-data-save-result', (e, id, result) => {
  if (id !== requestId) {
  // {
  //  "id": "12He6_8aBxpCRaF1x5Nlwv35SWiKJBwkp"
  //  "kind": "drive#file",
  //  "mimeType": "application/json",
  //  "name": "file-name.json"
  // }
ipcRenderer.on('google-drive-data-save-error', (e, id, cause) => {
  if (id !== requestId) {

Updating the file

Just pass the id property to the event configuration object. The id is the id of the file created in the Drive.


The library uses @advanced-rest-client/electron-oauth2 for authentication. By default it reads configuration from the package.json file and looks for oauth2 key with OAuth 2 configuration. The google-drive-data-save accepts auth property on the configuration object which accepts the same configuration as for electron-oauth2 launchWebAuthFlow() function.

If the application already has valid auth token for Google Drive, pass it to the auth object so the library skip the authorization process:

const config = {
  auth: {
    accessToken: 'my token'
const requestId = 'abcd';
ipcRenderer.send('google-drive-data-save', requestId, config);