PouchDB's map/reduce query API as a plugin.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import advancedRestClientPouchdbMapreduceNoDdocs from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advanced-rest-client/pouchdb-mapreduce-no-ddocs';



This project is essentially a hack designed to get pouchdb-quick-search to work correctly without creating DDocs. Probably the best path forward is to deprecate this project and have pouchdb-quick-search use pouchdb-abstract-mapreduce, which is what's used by pouchdb-mapreduce and pouchdb-find under the hood. Removing DDocs is a convenience for users but makes it hard to keep this module up-to-date with mapreduce changes.

pouchdb-mapreduce-utils semver non-compliant

PouchDB utilities used by pouchdb-mapreduce.


npm install --save-exact pouchdb-mapreduce-utils

For full API documentation and guides on PouchDB, see PouchDB.com. For details on PouchDB sub-packages, see the Custom Builds documentation.

Warning: semver-free zone!

This package is conceptually an internal API used by PouchDB or its plugins. It does not follow semantic versioning (semver), and rather its version is pegged to PouchDB's. Use exact versions when installing, e.g. with --save-exact.


PouchDB and its sub-packages are distributed as a monorepo.

For a full list of packages, see the GitHub source.