An UUID generator as a web component

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<script type="module">
  import advancedRestClientUuidGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator';



An UUID v4 generator as a plain web component and an ES module. Made for a web browser.

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npm install --save @advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator

As a module

  import { v4 } from '@advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator';

In an html file (web component)

    <script type="module">
      import '@advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator';
    <uuid-generator id="uuid"></uuid-generator>

In a LitElement

import { LitElement, html } from 'lit-element';
import { v4 } from '@advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator';

class SampleElement extends LitElement {
  render() {
    return html`my component`;

  _someOperation() {
    const uuid = v4();
customElements.define('sample-element', SampleElement);

Browser or a web worker

For historic reasons the index.js file contains an export for both the v4 function but also the web component. When using this module in a web worker or in Node this would cause an error. Instead import the module with the main.js file. For compatibility this file is not set as the module in the package.json file.

import { v4 } from '@advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator/main.js';


git clone https://github.com/advanced-rest-client/uuid-generator
cd uuid-generator
npm install

Running the demo locally

npm start

Running the tests

npm test