A Docker image build tool

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import advtrCli from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@advtr/cli';



To run the test .advtrc copy:

$ node ./bin/advtr-cli.js --file ./test --npm 1234567890


  • Run terminal commands async
  • Run all commands from the .advtrc and keep them in order, may need to move to an OrderedSet than Array
  • Have a file: option inside of .advtrc to overwrite dockerfile: if used
  • Separate to ./lib/*.js but without the need for multi command support like usual (Only when we have a fully working CLI)
  • Have an ./index.js entrypoint so advtr can be run from inside an app, allowing for testing


version: String

    name: String

    # Dockerfile and file can not be used together
    # file will always overwrite dockerfile
    dockerfile: path? => `CWD()`
    file: path?

    default_tag: String? => 'latest'

    # These define custom cli arguments, the left side is the --build-arg
    # and right the required --argument, all right side arguments will be
    # required and will fail if not supplied unless `--pass-args` is supplied
    build_arguments: Map?

    <before||post>_build: Map?
    post_push: Map?

    rm: Boolean

  <registry>: # `docker` is default
    url: url