A React Native package for interacting with Apple HealthKit

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React Native Apple Healthkit

A React Native bridge module for interacting with Apple Healthkit data. Checkout the full documentation


Install the [rn-apple-healthkit] package from npm:

  • Run npm install rn-apple-healthkit --save
  • Run react-native link rn-apple-healthkit
  • Run cd ./ios && pod install
  • Update ./ios/<Project Name>/info.plist in your React Native project
<string>Read and understand health data.</string>
<string>Share workout data with other apps.</string>
  • Enable Healthkit in your application's Capabilities
  • Build and run

Get Started

Initialize Healthkit. This will show the Healthkit permissions prompt for any read/write permissions set in the required options object.

Due to Apple's privacy model if an app user has previously denied a specific permission then they can not be prompted again for that same permission. The app user would have to go into the Apple Health app and grant the permission to your react-native app under sources tab.

For any data that is read from Healthkit the status/error is the same for both. This privacy restriction results in having no knowledge of whether the permission was denied (make sure it's added to the permissions options object), or the data for the specific request was nil (ex. no steps recorded today).

For any data written to Healthkit an authorization error can be caught. If an authorization error occurs you can prompt the user to set the specific permission or add the permission to the options object if not present.

If new read/write permissions are added to the options object then the app user will see the Healthkit permissions prompt with the new permissions to allow.

initHealthKit requires an options object with Healthkit permission settings

import AppleHealthKit from 'rn-apple-healthkit';

let options = {
    permissions: {
        read: ["Height", "Weight"],
        write: ["Height", "Weight"]

AppleHealthKit.initHealthKit(options, (err, results) => {
    if (err) {
        console.log("error initializing Healthkit: ", err);

    // Height Example
    AppleHealthKit.getDateOfBirth(null, (err, results) => {


Height Example Response

    value: '1986-09-01T00:00:00.000-0400',
    age: 29


Supported Apple Permissions

The available Healthkit permissions to use with initHealthKit

Permission Healthkit Identifier Type Read Write
ActiveEnergyBurned HKQuantityTypeIdentifierActiveEnergyBurned
BasalEnergyBurned HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBasalEnergyBurned
BiologicalSex HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifierBiologicalSex
BloodGlucose HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodGlucose
BloodPressureDiastolic HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodPressureDiastolic
BloodPressureSystolic HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBloodPressureSystolic
BodyMassIndex HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyMassIndex
BodyTemperature HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyTemperature
DateOfBirth HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifierDateOfBirth
DistanceCycling HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDistanceCycling
DistanceWalkingRunning HKQuantityTypeIdentifierDistanceWalkingRunning
FlightsClimbed HKQuantityTypeIdentifierFlightsClimbed
HeartRate HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeartRate
Height HKQuantityTypeIdentifierHeight
LeanBodyMass HKQuantityTypeIdentifierLeanBodyMass
MindfulSession HKCategoryTypeIdentifierMindfulSession
RespiratoryRate HKQuantityTypeIdentifierRespiratoryRate
SleepAnalysis HKCategoryTypeIdentifierSleepAnalysis
StepCount HKQuantityTypeIdentifierStepCount
Steps HKQuantityTypeIdentifierSteps
Weight HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyMass
BodyFatPercentage HKQuantityTypeIdentifierBodyFatPercentage

These permissions are exported as constants of the rn-apple-healthkit module.

import AppleHealthKit from 'rn-apple-healthkit';

// get the available permissions from AppleHealthKit.Constants object
const PERMS = AppleHealthKit.Constants.Permissions;

// setup healthkit read/write permissions using PERMS
const healthKitOptions = {
    permissions: {
        read:  [
        write: [


  • bpm
  • calorie
  • celsius
  • count
  • day
  • fahrenheit
  • foot
  • gram
  • hour
  • inch
  • joule
  • meter
  • mgPerdL
  • mile
  • minute
  • mmhg
  • mmolPerL
  • percent
  • pound
  • second


This package is an original fork of react-native-apple-Healthkit