XMLHttpRequest for Node

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node-XMLHttpRequest is a wrapper for the built-in http client to emulate the browser XMLHttpRequest object.

This can be used with JS designed for browsers to improve reuse of code and allow the use of existing libraries.

Note: This library currently conforms to XMLHttpRequest 1. Version 2.0 will target XMLHttpRequest Level 2.


Here's how to include the module in your project and use as the browser-based XHR object.

var XMLHttpRequest = require("xmlhttprequest").XMLHttpRequest;
var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();

Note: use the lowercase string "xmlhttprequest" in your require(). On case-sensitive systems (eg Linux) using uppercase letters won't work.


Prior to 1.4.0 version numbers were arbitrary. From 1.4.0 on they conform to the standard major.minor.bugfix. 1.x shouldn't necessarily be considered stable just because it's above 0.x.

Since the XMLHttpRequest API is stable this library's API is stable as well. Major version numbers indicate significant core code changes. Minor versions indicate minor core code changes or better conformity to the W3C spec.


MIT license. See LICENSE for full details.


  • Async and synchronous requests
  • GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE requests
  • All spec methods (open, send, abort, getRequestHeader, getAllRequestHeaders, event methods)
  • Requests to all domains

Known Issues / Missing Features

For a list of open issues or to report your own visit the github issues page.

  • Local file access may have unexpected results for non-UTF8 files
  • Synchronous requests don't set headers properly
  • Synchronous requests freeze node while waiting for response (But that's what you want, right? Stick with async!).
  • Some events are missing, such as abort
  • Cookies aren't persisted between requests
  • Missing XML support