Webpack configuration and helpers for the AEM.Design compose module

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Webpack configuration module to help bootstrap and get AEM projects running fast and efficiently.

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Implementing UI behaviour and functionality has been done successfully for a long time now but there is no one solution for AEM. We have taken the time over the past years to find ways of improving our day-to-day workflows. Trying several approaches, we eventually came to the conclusion that other "live reload" solutions didn't fit our needs.

AEM.Design Compose was born with warmth and ❤️.

Our solution is different from the rest simply because we don't using syncing, we don't require clunky solutions such as VLT, and we don't ask that FED's use technology stacks beyond what they know. Simple is best and that is what we give via Webpack & Webpack Dev Server.

Getting Started

Please refer to our documentation website.


Contributions are welcome! Read the Contributing Guide for more information.