Data about countries - like their ISO codes and currencies

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Country Data

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Data about countries - like their ISO codes and currencies - with typings.


npm install @aerapass/country-data


import { countries, continents, currencies, regions } from '@aerapass/country-data'

// .all gives you an array of all entries

// countries are found using alpha2 or alpha3 (both uppercase)
console.log(countries.BE.name) // 'Belgium'
console.log(countries.FRA.currencies) // ['EUR']

// currencies are accessed by their code (uppercase)
console.log(currencies.USD.name) // 'United States dollar'

// regions are accessed using a camel case name


The data currently provided for each country is:

Status notes

The status can be one of 'assigned', 'reserved', 'user assigned' or 'deleted'.

Assigned means that the code is properly in the ISO 3166 standard. Reserved means that the code is being prevented from being used. Deleted means that it has been deleted. User Assigned means that for some use cases it is required. Deleted means that it used to be in the standard but is now not.

See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1_alpha-2 for full details, especially the "User-assigned code elements" and "Reserved code elements" sections.


Countries are ofter grouped into regions. The list of regions is by no means exhaustive, pull requests very welcome for additions.

  • countries An array of alpha2 codes for the countries in this region.


It is not that useful to just have the currency code(s) for a country, so included is currency data too:

  • name The english name for the currency
  • code The ISO 4217 code
  • number The ISO 4217 number
  • decimals The number of decimal digits conventionally shown
  • symbol The currency symbol for the currency (e.g. ¥, $ etc.). Some symbols are not available, in which case symbol contains the ISO 4217 code. Credit to bengourley/currency-symbol-map for the symbol database.


The currency data was copied from the Wikipedia ISO 4217 page.

The country calling codes came from the Wikipedia country calling codes page.