Aerian Studios' opionated node formatting and best practices

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  import aerianEslintConfigNode from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aerian/eslint-config-node';



This is a sharable ESLint config for node. If you're using TypeScript, add @aerian/eslint-config-typescript too.

If you're using Preact, try @aerian/eslint-config-preact

To install, run:

npm i -D eslint prettier @aerian/eslint-config-react

yarn add -D  eslint prettier @aerian/eslint-config-react

To use it, create the following .eslintrc.json:

    "extends": ["@aerian/eslint-config-node"]

..or if you're using TypeScript:

    "extends": [

The base formatting uses Prettier, which parses and reformats your code. It runs this through ESLint, so you can run use eslint . --fix to apply Prettier formatting as well as ESLint rules.