Aerian's CSS config

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<script type="module">
  import aerianStylelintConfigBase from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/@aerian/stylelint-config-base';



This is a sharable Stylelint config to compliment the eslint configs at https://github.com/aerian-studios/eslint-config.

To install, run:

npm i -D stylelint @aerian/stylelint-config-base

yarn add -D  stylelint @aerian/stylelint-config-base

To use it, create the following .stylelintrc.json:

    "extends": ["@aerian/stylelint-config-base"]

Also add this to your eslint config

    "extends": ["stylelint"]

There are many rules that can be auto-fixed using stylelint . --fix either in the command line or in a package.json.

Editor integration

There are various editor integrations. Remember that some integrations need a little setup. For vscode, add this to your workspace settings to stop conflicting rules:

    "css.validate": false,
    "less.validate": false,
    "scss.validate": false