Request & Response intereceptors for @aerofer/sdk libraries

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SDK Interceptors

This package includes multiple request & response interceptors that add utility by mutating the original request before it is sent and the response before it is returned.

Multiple request & response interceptors can be applied and called in sequence, on a per-request basis, by using applyInterceptors([...]), demonstrated in the example below.

Note interceptors are not loaded as standard and must be included from the @aerofer/sdk-interceptors package.

const interceptors = require('@aerofer/sdk-interceptors');

const spec = require('./spec.json');

const api = require('@aerofer/sdk-core')(spec, { interceptors });

const requestInterceptor = api.interceptors.applyInterceptors(
  // any function can be used!
  // AWS SigV4 Interceptor is described below
  api.interceptors.sigV4RequestInterceptor(creds, 'eu-west-1')

const opts = { requestInterceptor };

const response = await sdk.tag.operationId({}, opts);

Reducing bundle size

It's best to only include the request & response interceptors your application needs. You can do this in the following way:

const sigV4RequestInterceptor = require('@aerofer/sdk-interceptors/request/sigv4');

const applyInterceptors = require('@aerofer/sdk-interceptors/apply');

const interceptors = { applyInterceptors, sigV4RequestInterceptor };

const api = require('@aerofer/sdk-core')(spec, { interceptors });


A request interceptor, producing SigV4 signatures for authenticating against AWS Services and API Gateway. Provided any valid Credentials object along with a specific region and service (defaults to execute-api), this interceptor will sign the outbound request that it is applied to.

const AWS = require('aws-sdk');

const sdk = require('@myco/sdk');

const credentials = () => new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
  new AWS.CredentialProviderChain().resolve((chainErr, creds) => {
    if (chainErr) {
    } else {
      creds.refresh((refreshErr) => {
        if (refreshErr) {
        } else {

const execute = async () => {
  const creds = await credentials();

  const requestInterceptor = sdk.interceptors.applyInterceptors(
    sdk.interceptors.sigV4RequestInterceptor(creds, 'eu-west-1')

  const data = await sdk.tags.someOperation({}, { requestInterceptor });